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Our Work

B.S. Environmental Inc. (BSE) offers a multitude of environmental solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers, tailoring each approach to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. We provide, manage, and facilitate innovative solutions to a wide range of environmental needs. Please contact us with any inquiries. Our services include:

Remediation Actions

The BSE remediation division combines strategic management capabilities with valuable, hands-on skills. Each BSE operation offers the necessary mix of senior technical management and an experienced HAZMAT labor force to support any environmental remediation effort. These expert teams provide a quick and capable response to any challenge. Our highly trained and experienced personnel have safely and efficiently performed a broad range of environmental projects, from emergency response situations to long-range, planned remediation projects, and from the very small job to complex, multi-million-dollar cleanups. BSE’s resources also include a full-service general engineering contractor specializing in heavy earth moving and land-clearing, as well as agricultural, oil field, and civil construction.

Our success and repeat business stems from our unique "Team" approach to major remediation projects. The Team includes our senior project mangers, our field technicians, and our clients' environmental management group(s). The Team coordinates the complete cleanup activity by selecting the required subcontractors, where appropriate. The result has been client participation in cost-effective solutions. The firm becomes an integral part of a project by understanding the potential risks, teaming with our valued clients, and sharing in the successes. The emphasis is on completing the scope of work on time and within budget. We believe that a simple, clear solution is often the best solution.

CERCLA Actions

BSE has extensive experience in providing CERCLA services. These include preliminary assessments/site inspections, remedial investigation/feasibility studies, proposed plans/records of decisions, and remedial design/remedial action efforts. Personnel have worked on installation and restoration programs for all U.S. service branches and for Department of Energy (DOE) programs throughout the nation.

Direct experience includes, but is not limited to, contaminant characterization, risk assessment, remedial design, and remedial action. As a most important aspect of such actions within Indian lands, BSE will investigate and identify any and all responsible parties for contamination resulting from past and/or regional activities that have adversely affected these properties. All senior personnel are highly experienced in the areas of regulatory, legal, and legislative negotiation.

RCRA Actions

BSE provides RCRA services to include hazardous waste management and disposal programs, contamination assessments, corrective action plans, and site cleanup and closure services. Personnel are experienced in waste minimization planning, program development, and execution. Further capabilities include RCRA facility audits, property transfer assistance, and hazardous waste permitting assistance. BSE personnel also possess extensive experience in mixed waste site remediation and disposal, as well as worker training (and subsequent certification).

Construction/Demolition Actions

BSE provides a complete line of construction/demolition services, to include total building destruction/removal/material recycling/site restoration. In recent projects, such services have included steel cut/removal, concrete removal, and equipment/mechanical decommission. BSE possesses the equipment and machinery to conduct all of the building destruction and removal efforts, along with the earthwork portions, resulting in total site restoration. These services can be provided using HAZWOPER-certified personnel when indicated.

Natural Resources and Historically Significant Concerns

BSE provides services in the natural resources arena ranging from development of complete, integrated natural resource management plans to both small- and large-scale wetland delineations and storm water management studies. Our personnel are also experienced in investigating areas of archeological and cultural significance, including burial grounds, areas of spiritual/religious significance, and other areas of historic value. In fact, the majority of BSE's full-time personnel are of American Indian descent and have been involved in Native American issues nationwide with respect to environmental, public health, welfare, and community development.

Industrial Services (via corporate partner)

BSE, together with our corporate partners, is a leading provider of integrated technology-based industrial cleaning, facility management, container management and water purification services in North America. BSE can deploy highly trained crews with mobile assets to service any needs from a network of over 40 operational facilities.

Ionizing / Non-Ionizing Radiation

BSE performs compliance surveys and audits that include complete evaluation of radiation exposure hazards associated with industrial, medical/security x-ray systems and radio frequency transmitting equipment. Our experts will provide recommendations and develop operating procedures and remedial remedies to ensure that all radiation exposures are kept as low as reasonably achievable. BSE provides general and specific radiation protection training addressing basic radiation physics, radiation protection, biological effects, dosimetry, and regulatory requirements for all aspects of the industry.

Laboratory Services (via corporate partner)

BSE's affiliate RCRA laboratory provides environmental testing to assist our nationwide clients with achieving their business goals. The laboratory is a flexible, quick-turnaround, project-oriented laboratory providing analytical support for investigation, compliance monitoring, and remediation projects. Methods performed include CWA, SDWA, RCRA, CAA, and numerous site-specific screening techniques. The laboratory is organized in a "job shop" manner to facilitate quick project turnaround; e.g. four hours on a TCL volatile screen delineation project. Communication between BSE project managers and affiliate laboratory personnel during all phases of a project guarantee that all work is performed according to applicable regulatory specifications.

NOTE: Analytical results are available on-line and in a variety of formats to facilitate integration.

Each client has a unique set of environmental and operational concerns that are handled by the laboratory. Communication exists between BSE project managers and clients during all phases of a project to guarantee that all work is performed according to applicable regulatory specifications. The owners/partners are part of the managerial team and serve as directors of the daily laboratory operations. Commitments regarding performance are made and kept.

Our clients consist of small, mid-sized, and large industrial and manufacturing companies, design/build engineering firms, environmental consultants, public utility entities, and construction companies, as well as state and federal government agencies.