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Recent Projects

Northwest Hospital Center (Baltimore, MD) Leaking UST Remediation and Monitoring

Client: LifeBridge Health System

B.S. Environmental Inc. (BSE) removed two leaking 15,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks (USTs), pumped and removed all contaminated surface water and soil, designed and implemented a stormwater management plan for construction site runoff, and continues to conduct weekly groundwater remediation (through well evacuation and disposal) and monitoring, as mandated by the state of Maryland. Note: Many BSE personnel have extensive stormwater management experience through past employment(s). Project cost: $750,000.00.

Philips Lighting Manufacturing Plant (Bath, NY) Phase I and II Environmental Assessment and Remediation

Client: Philips Lighting Company

BSE conducted a facility-wide assessment and has designed and performed the subsequent interior (lead paint and dust, asbestos) and exterior (surface water and soil) remediation. Project cost: $33,000.00; indefinite.

Robins Air Force Base (Warner Robins, GA) Industrial Services

Client: U.S. Air Force

BSE executes the total base industrial services contract, to include all support system maintenance and cleaning (to include oil-water separators, solvent recovery systems, painting and parts cleaning operations), and additional actions to protect the environment during the conduct of these efforts. Project cost: $5,000,000.00 / five years.

LifeBridge Health System (Baltimore, MD) Water Testing

Client: LifeBridge Health System

BSE conducts all water testing (drinking water, therapeutic pool water, stormwater etc.) for the seven-hospital health system. Many of these efforts are conducted on an emergency / immediate turn-around basis. Project cost: Time and materials; indefinite.

LifeBridge Health System (Baltimore, MD) Title V Compliance

Client: LifeBridge Health System

BSE maintains all air emission compliance activities for the seven-hospital system. This includes the registration and permitting of all facility equipment(s) that emit regulated constituents to the air, stack testing for hospital incinerators/boilers, etc. Project cost: $200,000.00 / three years; indefinite.

Sinai Hospital (Baltimore, MD) Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan

Client: LifeBridge Health System

BSE prepared the subject plan and executed all applicable activities in accordance with federal and State of Maryland regulations. Project cost: $35,000.00.

Philips Lighting Company (Nationwide) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Facility Audits

Client: Philips Lighting Company

BSE conducts the NRC-mandated audits of all of the Philips Lighting Company’s U.S. facilities. The audits entail a complete assessment of all industrial activities that affect the respective facility licenses for the possession and distribution of radioactive materials. Topics covered include: assessment of regulatory audit history; organization and scope of respective facility programs; training and instruction to workers; review of the facility; radioactive materials licensed; and radiation surveys conducted where appropriate, to include personal radiation protection.As a part of these audits, BSE also conducts the required Radiation Safety Training for all the employees. Project cost: $40,000.00 / year; indefinite.

LifeBridge Health System (Baltimore, MD) Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal 

Client: LifeBridge Health System

BSE manages the RCRA Program for the seven-hospital system, to include the packing/transportation/disposal of all RCRA wastes from all facilities. Project cost: $80,000.00 / year; indefinite.

LifeBridge Health System (Baltimore, MD) Tier II Reporting

Client: LifeBridge Health System

BSE conducts the subject annual assessment/inventory/reporting for the hospital system. Indefinite contract.

Fort Detrick (MD) Hazardous Waste Storage Building Safety Upgrades

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

BSE conducted a complete upgrade of two RCRA storage buildings to meet all applicable waste storage and building safety codes. Work included demolition and removal of non-compliant equipment, removal of hazardous materials and installation of “state of the art” chemical management equipment. Project cost: $500,000.00.

Maryland Mass Transit Authority (MMTA) Employee Environmental Training

Client: VERSAR Inc.

Per a Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) consent order, BSE conducted both Stormwater Pollution Prevention training and RCRA Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal training at all MMTA facilities for all employees. Project cost: $60,000.00.

Watervliet Arsenal (NY) Secondary Containment, Building Demolition/Closure, and Lead Remediation

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

BSE designed and installed a secondary containment membrane system for a 450,000-gallon above-ground fuel storage facility. BSE demolished and removed a former arms manufacturing/plating facility, then restored the building for future industrial use, and conducted a lead remediation of a small arms firing facility. Project cost: $1,200,000.000.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Client: RHF Group Inc.

BSE conducted a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of a 1,300-acre property in Westport, NY, in accordance with federal and ASTM guidelines,for the purpose of future development. Project cost: $10,000.00.

Fort George G. Meade (MD) Site Characterization, Excavation, and Disposal

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

BSE provided soil sampling and analytical characterization of 15,000 cubic yards of suspected contaminated soil from a former landfill/burnpit and excavated and transported all material to a government-designated storage area for final disposition. Work also included both temporary and permanent road installation, general site grading, and design/construction of complete site sediment/erosion/stormwater control units. Project cost: $1,100,000.00.

Brooklyn Naval Yard (NY) Site Characterization, Demolition, Disposal, and Restoration

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

BSE conducted site characterization, sampling, and analysis of PCBs for an electrical substation at the subject yard. The total effort included sampling and removal of all asbestos-containing material, lead paint debris, the demolition of two substation buildings, the removal and disposal of three PCB-containing transformers, contaminated debris and soil disposal, and complete site restoration. Project cost: $150,000.00.

Prince Georges County (MD) Asbestos and Lead Abatement

Client: Department of Public Works

BSE conducted asbestos and lead abatement and complete demolition of seven buildings located throughout the Maryland county. Hazardous materials were abated and disposed of in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations, buildings were completely razed, and debris was either recycled as possible or disposed of according to local guidelines. Each site was excavated and brought back to natural conditions. Project cost $150,000.00.

Philips Lighting (Fairmont, WV) Asbestos/Lead/Mercury Abatement

Client: Hampton-Clarke Inc. / Philips Lighting Company

BSE assisted prime contractor Hampton-Clarke Inc. in the asbestos/lead/mercury abatement, selective building demolition, and environmental site monitoring of a former lighting manufacturing facility. Project cost: $450,000.00.

Andrews AFB (MD) Basewide Oil-Water Separator and Grease Trap Maintenance and Waste Disposal

Client: U.S. Air Force

BSE is performing sampling and testing of all basewide oil-water separators and building grease traps. Services include pumping and disposal of all waste materials and cleaning, servicing and maintenance of all units. Project cost: $1,600,000.00 / 4 years.